Sunday, March 15, 2009

Writing Your First Ad

Creating your first ad if you've never created one before can seem easy at first
but it takes some planning and forethought before you even begin to type. So,
before I even show you how to create a new ad on Adlandpro, I recommend
you read these guidelines from the book of our CEO "E-Business Success Blueprint"
written by CEO and Founder Bogdan Fiedur:

* A person needs to see a specific ad up to 7 times to feel familiar with it and
make a buying decision. Therefore, if your ad has only been seen once, you
shouldn't expect anyone to buy from you. They'll need to see it six more times to
feel comfortable enough to take advantage of your offer.

* We are more likely to buy an item if the product or service has been endorsed
by some known personality.

* People enjoy thinking about themselves most of the time. They think about
problems they have and things they want. Therefore, successful ads list
They tell them what the product will do for them and what they will lose if they
don't have it.

* Everyone wants to get things cheaper than they are being sold for. Try
offering discounts for your first buying customers, or free delivery or free samples.

* We quite often make our decision based on direct embedded commands in the
surrounding environment. When you see a green light you proceed forward.
When you see a red light you stop. When someone looks at you and smiles you
will smile back. To take advantage of this, use commands in your ad. Say
something like Click Here or Select One Item from the list. People will
subconsciously follow your commands.

* People like to see other people who are enthusiastic and happy. Express
happiness in your ad and enthusiasm. Demonstrate how the product will bring
them happiness.

* The net feels very anonymous. It is harder to gain somebody's trust on the net
than in real life. Always display a phone number in the ad that customers can
call with any questions if they want.


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