Thursday, March 26, 2009

*** The Power of an Autoresponder ***

Read any internet marketing guru and they will tell you that the
fortune is in your list. You've got to have a list. Your list
is everything. They keep hammering it home. Know why? Because
it is true.

In fact, lack of list building is a key factor that keeps so
many information marketers from ever making any real money. The
reason is easy to understand. If you send someone to your site and
they don't buy anything, you've lost them.

If you send someone and they subscribe to the A Newsletter
so they can get the valuable marketing advice and free
bonuses, but don't buy anything, you've got their name. And now
you can do a lot more to turn those browsers into buyers.

Because you can follow up with them, establish a trusting
relationship, and show them offers that some percentage of them
will accept.

Most experts these days are quoting a statistic that says 80% of
sales happen after the 7th exposure of a product. The average
prospect has to see or hear about your product for 7 times
before they are ready to buy.

When you capture their name and put them into an autoresponder
series, you can continually reinforce the your sitel and the quality
products within. This greatly increase the chances of your
making a sale to these folks down the road.

That is the power of an Autoresponder. It will keep following
up with these people, at regular intervals, to educate them
about internet marketing in general and how the products within your site can help them achieve their goals.

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