Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Magic Words That Bring You Riches

By: Ted Nicholas

You might think this strange,
but every day, before I start work, I stand up, look to the sky, throw
my hands in the air, and shout out loud: "I feel terrific!"

This is what I call an 'affirmation' --
positive self-talk to charge up my emotions and help me produce
my very best work. An affirmation can be as simply as
"YES!"...as uplifting as "I'm very happy at this
moment!"...or as determined as "I'm willing to do whatever is
necessary to succeed!"

Try it for yourself right now.
Choose a positive message you want to tell yourself. Then stand
up, put your head back, throw your arms up, and shout it out loud.
Makes you feel uncomfortable? Good! You've just discovered how
powerful words can be

Unlimited Success & Wealth are All
In the Words You Use

What's the single most important asset
you and your business possess? Forget money and numbers. The
true currency of business is WORDS. Communicating
your ideas, your offer, the benefits of your product -- using words to
achieve your aims is the single most important activity any
business ever performs.

Unlimited success and wealth are as
simple as using the right words. You can get everything
you've ever wanted
in life, simply by saying the right words --
because the words which you communicate determine the quality of your

This is true whether communicating with
others or with yourself. Especially with yourself.

Words have the power to induce
someone to laugh, to cry, to be kind, to be loving, to be cooperative,
or to buy. Or be unkind, angry, irrational. Whether
words are written or spoken, they have enormous power. Of
course, when words are spoken, the added factors of voice timbre,
emphasis, emotion...all have the potential to cause even more impact.

Use Words to Achieve a Win -Win

Here is what few businesspeople seem to
realize: People all over the world really want to help and
their fellow humans. But they must be approached
. The magic words I'll reveal to you in a
moment can manipulate a situation to bring you what you want --
which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Magic Words Can Bring You Riches
The same words, strategies and techniques
which I've used to get the best results from everyday situations -- like
renting a Mercedes for the price of a Ford, slashing the cost of a first
class hotel room, and buying valuable antiques at huge discounts -- can
work magic for your business, too. Here are 3 of the phrases
which have helped me build a career marketing over $500,000,000
of both my own and my client's products and services.

Magic Phrase #1 -- Attract All
the Money You Need
for any business venture you'd like to start.
The magic words here are "sophisticated investor."
Every successful professional -- such as a doctor or lawyer -- likes to
think of himself or herself as sophisticated. And you can often
attract these people to invest in your business.

Run an ad in your local paper,
highlighting those two key words. Other magic phrases to include
are "Local business person with excellent track record and
reputable history"; "start-up business opportunity, limited
investment, high potential return," and "references

Magic Phrase #2 -- Receive Free Expert
for your business. Simply announce, "I have a
business problem and need expert assistance" either to a local
business group (such as the Chamber of Commerce which you have in
practically every town) -- or putting an advertisement in the
business section of your local newspaper. I've been absolutely
delighted with the quality of assistance provided to me on several
occasions by retired executives. Seek them out in your local area,
and you could benefit from this great source of experienced know-how,

Magic Phrase #3 -- Get Capable People
to Work for Free.
Your magic words here are "piece of the
." Instead of paying a fixed salary, run ads
offering people one of these options:

  • Hourly rate for services rendered
  • Percentage of sales
  • Percentage of profits
  • Royalty on sales
  • Percentage of savings
  • Fixed payment for each unit produce
Anyone with a strong entrepreneurial instinct will be attracted by such an approach. It means there will be no limit on their income, they will be more independent, they can set their own hours -- and the harder they work, the more they earn. This is just the type of person you should employ.
Assume The Other Person Has Already Said "Yes"
Ask questions which assume the end result you seek. For example, speaking with your bank manager about setting up a merchant account, you might ask these questions:
1. "How long does it normally take for a credit card charge to be credited to my account?"
2. "What discount or percentage of credit card sales will the bank charge us for your service?"
3. "How long would it take to get the service in place?"
4. "What equipment do we need to buy to make it easier for your bank to process our orders?"
Can you see how the end result -- having a merchant account so you can process the credit card orders -- is assumed by the very words used in each question?
Magic Words Deliver Power
And this is especially true when you're speaking to yourself. As I said at the beginning of this letter, I use affirmations every day -- standing up, looking to the sky, throwing my hands in the air, and shouting out a positive message I need to tell myself.
Yes, I feel ridiculous when I do this too. But that discomfort is just the push I need to change my emotional state. The magic words in my affirmations give me the energy and determination I need to produce my very best work. And I truly believe they'll help you achieve your goals too.

 Magic Words That Bring You Riches

Ted Nicholas, widely recognized as one of the greatest direct marketing wizards of all time, is best known for having earned 24.5 million dollars on the sale of a single book which was primarily sold through direct mail. He has been called the Five Hundred Million Dollar Man, having marketed over $500 million worth of products in 49 different industries. Ted is also internationally revered as one of the greatest living copywriters who earned as much as half a million dollars from a single 1000-word ad. His latest book, "Magic Words That Bring You Riches" reveals 17 magic words that can make you a fortune.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Benefit By Helping Other Customers.

Many people don't have the occasion or skills to write down
and create eBooks that they can give away to their website
visitors. Benefit your visitors with eBooks or Video Tutorials can easily increase traffic and sales. Why not create
promotional eBooks & Videos for other people to
use so they can promote their web site.

At first, you must write and create your own
eBook to give away to your guests. If you can't or don't
want to create one, you could ask permission to
use another writers' articles or Videos. Don't forget
to add your text or banner in the eBook, you must place
it at the beginning and at the end of the eBook.
You can also place it at the head or the bottom of every page.
The same with the Video Tutorials, is essential not to forget
adding your text/url.

One time you uploaded the eBook to your site
let your visitors to download it and give
it away to their website customers. Your ad will
continue to be spread all over the internet again and again.

You can use this tactic one step further and
make it even more influential. Let your customers to
sign-up and get a version of the eBook where they can add
their own text or banner. With their
own ad built-in in the eBook, they'll work
harder to promote it and your ad will be
seen by even more people. It's now a win/win

Friday, January 8, 2010

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Marketing Graphics - Review

Exciting news for all internet marketers.

I came across this great product that is a definite plus in my books.

Not only does it make the job of an internet marketer easier, faster and with a great professional look, they are offering it for FREE.

Imagine that! Finding great professional work like this will cost a fortune, not to mention if you even try to design them yourself�.

I am sure it will consume your days leaving no time to attend to anything else. I must say that the graphics are great and the quality is superb, just what you need to grab attention and to help make that sale.

Free Marketing Graphics

You can use these for:

-Opt In forms
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And the best part is, they are All for FREE.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

EBooks That Sell Themselves!

Now that you have wrote, or have had written for you an eBook “so good” that it should sell itself don’t be amazed if it doesn’t!

I’m not saying that you won’t be able to sell your eBook but I am inferring that your work is not done yet.

If you truly want to sell your eBook you must create a page that “sells” it.

It’s called a sales page and particular attention needs to be given to it, to make sure any person who gets to it, will feel bound to read it, long enough to discover that your eBook is so immense, that they have to get it.

To make sure your eBooks sales page is compelling you have to start by writing an attractive headline which uses expressions people who are looking for the solution your eBook solves may be using to show you identify with your customers and their problems and at least hints at a solution. Your head line, like all text on your sales page, should be in a simple to read font and one that displays well in all browsers.

From your main head line you will want to turn into a sub headline which is an expansion of the main headline and serves to build hype enough to capture readers concentration and get them exited enough to read the rest of the page and all about all the profit your eBook will give them.

Your opening few paragraphs should be used to build report with your customer let them know that you comprehend their problems. Following the opening paragraphs clarify that your eBook is here to solve it.

Then illustrate them an image of your eBook. Even though eBooks don’t need covers you should still show them a qualified looking illustration of what your eBook would look like. People almost require the image of a book to assist them understand what there “virtually” receiving and examine shows that better the eBook cover image looks the better sales will do.

After displaying an image of the book you should put forward a button or field in which people can begin the process of purchasing if they decide. After the “Buy Now” spot of your sales page you will want a list of specific benefits your book will work out, for the “doubting” but still attracted group.

Once you have laid out all of the benefits’ of your eBook follow up with a strong call to action. Maybe a limited time offer or something that shows the potential customer that procrastination leads to be repentant. Again offer means to start the buying procedure within site of the words or an image that represents an assurance and then give further details about the greatness of the guarantee to ease the doubters mind about the protection and security they can feel in making the decision to buy now.

All of these things should be considered the backbone of your sales page policy if you really want to have your eBook sell itself!