Tuesday, March 15, 2011

** ?FBAutoCash Review... Hype or Hit **

I had the chance to review FBAutoCash at the weekend... a
brand new course by Mark Anastasi, a successful online

He makes millions of dollars as an affiliate, a seminar
host and promoter, and a top JV partner for most of the
big launches that have occurred in 2010 and 2011.

Anyway, the course claims that he makes at least $35,000
every month promoting on Facebook.  I've seen a few
claims of people making money with the social media
giant, and I've always been skeptical -- for one, Facebook
Ad costs are SO high ($1+ per click for most markets) and
two, I've personally found it difficult to turn those visitors
into BUYERS since everyone is there to chat and check in
with friends... not buy!

So while there are plenty of claims of making money with social
media, much of it seems to be from the 'indirect' benefits that are obtained by simply getting your name and face out to a wider audience. 
To actually start something TODAY... and make money TODAY...
that's a whole different story. 
Getting your name out there is a process of acquiring
trust... and building rapport.  And that takes time!

So that being said, I approached this course with an open,
but somewhat cautious mind.  Was it going to be the same
as every other course?

The claim with this course is that... it has nothing to
do with 'elevating' your name or status.  The path to
making money is very direct - you sell a product, you earn
a commission.

Mark claims you can take the guide... read it
tonight... and start making money TONIGHT. Very bold claims

So... are they true... and if they are, how does he do it?

After reading the course (which is 158 pages, 42 of which
are either case studies or testimonials, leaving approx. 116
of direct, hands-on material), I had sort of a "Doh! Why
Didn't I Think Of That?!" moment... the actual premise behind
how and why this works is so simple, it's one of those
ideas you'll wonder why you never thought of before.

And yes... I can absolutely see why it works, and why there
has been a near 100% success rate for anyone who has
actually followed the course, and stuck with it.  It's
actually very difficult to lose... IF you do it correctly.

The strategy is simple - create a ton of Fan Pages, and
promote affiliate links to every fan who signs up.


What will surprise you is the kind of offers that actually
work.  It's clear that throwing just ANY old affiliate link
at the page won't work - there are very specific types of
offers that do well, and you'll be surprised what they are
and actually how to recruit thousands of fans to your new
pages (which is really the lifeblood of the strategy).

If you goof on either of these things - you'll make very
little, or no money at all.  Follow the steps that Mark shows
you... and it's clear to see how you can make a killing.
The course explains the process very well.

I read the entire course in one sitting, and here's what I
took from it:

* There's basically 8 steps you need to follow for
making money from Facebook.  All of these can be learned
in one night, and implementing them should take 4-5 hours.

* You don't need to use your own name, have any kind of
presence, or know anything about a particular market to
make money in it.  You're actually encouraged to use pen
names and remain anonymous.  I really liked that concept
because it means we can tackle multiple markets with
many pseudonyms, and dominate them all without tarnishing
your primary name/brand.

* It costs NOTHING to run this entire business.  And
when I say nothing, I really mean nothing!  This is
something that really hooked me with this model of
making money, and is a benefit not to be understated.
Since you're using free Facebook Fan Pages and not
Facebook Advertising, your clicks cost nothing. No
hosting costs, no domain names to register, no staff
to employ, no product creation expenses, no merchant
accounts.  You can promote anything as an affiliate and
make as much money as you want, and no-one has any
claim to any of it.  This is a huge benefit because
it means you can build up your income at your own pace,
without racking up bills and overheads that need paying.

* There's nothing really technical about this business
model.  Creating a web page means you need to know
HTML, maybe Javascript or PHP, editing graphics, etc.
With FBAutoCash, if you already use Facebook, you know
how to run this business!  You're clicking buttons on
the Facebook website that you're already familiar with,
adding friends, posting status messages, etc - stuff
you probably already do with friends of family. It really
is that simple.

* Realistically, it will take around 30 days to see the
kind of income that can start replacing a full-time salary.
That's because you're encouraged to add 100-200
new friends per day, per account, and you'll be setting
up multiple accounts for many different markets.  The
general feeling seems to be that it takes around 4,500
to 5,000 Facebook adds (again, you'll do 100-200 per day
very comfortably) for every $1,000 to $1,200 you make in
return.  There are also ways you can outsource this, or
to automate nearly ALL of these tasks for you.

* What I found REALLY exciting is the software Mark has
built to automate adding friends and managing promos
automatically.  What that means is, instead of spending 30-45
days to make each $1,200 'income stream', you can let
the software take care of that for you and even run
multiple accounts with it and do in minutes what it'd
take the average person several days to achieve.  That's
REALLY powerful.  The software is offered as a purchase
following the course and is priced VERY reasonably
for the time it saves and the money you can make with it.
What's really powerful is, you'll be able to walk away from
your computer and come back a little later... to find
hundreds of new 'friends' added to your account. These
are people you can start sending affiliate links and
targeted promotions to immediately.

* This is a rare course in that there are several
students making a solid $25,000+ per month with it (which
I'd consider to be a very decent 'salary' to earn from
one website, with no business running costs), yet the course
is step by step and extremely easy for even a newbie to
follow and make some decent money with.  With so many
product launches these days, it's very rare to see
something explained so clearly that so obviously works…
there are screenshots for every step, and everything is
marked in step 1, do this... step 2, do that... format.
Many courses claim it; this one actually delivers it.

So, is it worth buying?

At $37 for the course, my verdict is it's a *WINNER*

Making 10x the purchase price should be easy for anyone
to do very quickly, if they actually follow the instructions
and invest a few hours into reading the material and
doing the steps.

I'm on par to hit $5,000 this month with the course and
using the software and some of Mark's 'advanced'
strategies (which he recommends you do when you hit
I'm confident I can quickly scale this to 5 figures per month.

With the software, it's made even easier - your workload
is cut down to just a few clicks of the button.  The
hardest part is deciding which offers to send to make your
money on - a process Mark has made much easier by showing
you screenshot examples of EXACTLY what he's selling online,
and why certain types of offer work better than others.


The following bonuses also accompany the course (which
add to the package value but honestly, you probably won't
even need them).

12 videos on Facebook.
- Audio Interviews with people who already make
$1,500 to $25,000+ using this strategy (these are very
effective, because you get to see exactly what's working
for these people TODAY... including their best selling
- And the following exclusive PDFs, delivered free
to the next 100 students

* FB Ads module
 *FB Events module 
Fanpage Dollars *
* How to be accepted in CPA networks (which can gain you
access to exclusive offers to promote on Facebook that
none of your competitors will be selling)

To learn more about the product and grab it immediately
it's an instant download:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is The Art of eBook Creation Lost Forever

How do you create your eBooks and reports?

With all the free reports going around and ad swaps lately, I have download and do read a great deal of them. You know the type of reports I mean, standard format, single column, eBook title, basic contents page and body. I never really gave it a lot of thought until today when I downloaded The eBook Cycle?

I downloaded the eBook from a guy called Daniel Sumner and, naturally I was intrigued to find out the differences between his eBook and mine. I mean what could the difference be? His tag line for the eBook is Create, Convert & Cash-in! This had be immediately itching to know what he had to offer, what is so special about the eBook Cycle I thought?
To my amazement, this was no ordinary eBook, no standard format, single column, basic contents bla bla bla. Upon first open, it looked visually stunning, full of color, graphics, tips hints and very cool formatting I just had to read on.

Working my way through the eBook I immediately found that, this was no 10 minute knock up! There was time, effort and dare I say it some love gone into this mini masterpiece. The eBook flowed graciously as I read on, learning everything Daniel was writing and visualising with the use of the images he had integrated to his eBook. I was learning a very important lesson in report writing it sort of felt like I was back at school learning from a teacher again:-)

It's a strange feeling when you read The eBook Cycle as Daniel engages you so much, you sort of feel like you know him and trust what he has to say. He lets you into his world and you feel grateful for the information he is providing, and at the same time encouraging you to get to work to create your own eBooks better than you have before.
In the eBook Cycle Daniel teaches you:

* Why you should write an eBook

* What format to choose?

* Getting started

* Essential includes

* Getting your eBook ready

 * Free or paid eBooks
* Sales pages and squeeze pages

* Payment processors

* Marketing and traffic

* And a whole lot more

I'm very impressed with this eBook to say the least and will return to it when I create my next report or eBook. It's definitely one for the book shelf and future reference.
But best of all, and I don't think you are going to believe me here! Its FREE, a 100% Free download for you today. I don't think I need to say more, so go experience it for yourself at:

Give it a good read and please come back here and let me know what you thought of it. I would love to hear your comments!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Can You Use A PLR Article To Help Your Business?

What is a plr article? They are articles that you can buy in a package of articles or you can get them as part of a membership to a site that has plr articles. These articles are ones that someone else has written and then they decide to sell them as a package to others to use in any way that they want to. There are many people who use plr articles or private label rights articles on a daily basis to help them grow their business.

Most people, who have used or heard of plr articles, usually think that they are only used on websites of the people who bought the private label rights articles but there are many other ways that you can use these articles.
Here are some of the different ways that you can use a plr article besides on your website.
One: You can use them as content for your blog. You can either rewrite the plr article so it is a unique article from everyone else that is using the same article you are. Rewriting private label rights articles is a lot easier and a lot less time consuming then writing it from scratch. You can also use only a portion of the article on one post and then break the rest of the article down so that you use one article for three or four posts on your blog.

Two: You can send them to the subscribers of your newsletter. This is a great way for coming up with new content for your newsletter without having to write it yourself. You might want to rewrite the plr article a little so that it reflects your voice. That way your subscribers know that they are getting an article of value.

Three: You can create your own ecourse. When you have private label rights articles that are all about a similar subject, you can put the articles on an auto responder so that you have an ecourse that people can sign up to get. This is a great way for you to give valuable information and get new subscribers for your newsletter. 

Four: You can put together your own special report or eBook to give away to your subscribers. You can take the plr articles and put them together so that they flow smoothly together. Then put them into a pdf file and you have either a report or an eBook to use to grow your business. Make sure the report flows smoothly or it can harm your business instead.

These are some of the more popular ways that a plr article is used to help people grow their business on a daily basis. You can use these suggestions or come with other ways to use the private label rights article. There are endless possibilities when you just use your mind. So put these articles to work for you so that you can watch your business grow.

Summary: There are many ways that you can use a plr article. You just need to use your mind to come up with them. Find out what four popular uses are for the private label rights articles. Then start using them for your business today. 

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting The Most Out Of Something FREE


Here’s how you can get the most out of a program called Free Monthly Websites.

Free Monthly Websites, in my opinion is one of those programs you either know what to do with or you don’t. I will now show you how you can get the most of it and why Free Monthly Websites is such great tool which can earn you an extra income stream to your business for a long time to come.

The Three main categories we need to concentrate on here are:

1, Selling eBooks

2, Writing articles

3, Affiliate promotions

When you first login and download your website follow the tutorials which is very easy to do and eventually get your website onto your webspace. You are presented with a very nice well designed Adsense website.

What can you do with this free website? Well to be honest the free website has duplicate content so you can rule out getting to the top of the search engine rankings, the premier websites are a different kettle of fish all together but I will get to those in a moment.

Take option 1 above ‘Selling eBooks’ if you sell eBooks especially PLR (private Label Content) conversions, you will find Free Monthly Websites have a rather large verity of websites that correspond with a lot of the PLR out there (if you are a premier member you get a bonus PLR eBook). All you need to do is upload your eBook to a convenient location on your webspace and place a few corresponding links inside your PLR eBook for example:

I have a weight loss eBook and a small paragraph saying “there are 100’s ways to lose weight which can be found in various forms from Books to television to fitness programs bla bla bla” you could not take this small paragraph and insert your Free Monthly Websites website link in a prime location for instance “there are 100’s ways to lose weight which can be found in various forms from Books to television to fitness programs the best resource I found is at www.yourfreemonthlywebsites.com/fitness_website”
Now imagine you done this to all your eBooks! Simply take a little time upload your Free Monthly Websites website to your webspace then reopen your PLR eBooks and insert the relevant hyperlink which corresponds to your website and there you have it. For about 2 hours work you have created an income stream for life. Now imagine you have 50 PLR eBooks doing the rounds on eBay or your blog. Your AdSense revenue is going to creep up and up until you are earning a very respectable income. It’s a simple case of wash rinse repeat.

Option number 2 is even easier. I know most of you will at some point, or do write articles and submit them to relevant article directories. Well why not try writing an article about one of the subjects related to Free Monthly Websites? Upload your website to a location on your webspace, place the link in your article and there you have it, submit to article directories like:





And another income stream will start.

The third option is a little different. Using your Free Monthly Websites affiliate link to promote the website and earn a potential 98.50 per referral. You can place your link in the websites provided for you and in the eBooks you sell and articles you write this can generate a missive earnings income of 98.50.

So with your website up on your webspace and your eBook on eBay and your articles in the article directories, you will be well on your way to earning a nice income from a free resource.

I mentioned earlier your Premier Members website. These are a fantastic resource and are worth every penny for the simple fact you receive a private label eBook and 20 articles with every Premier Membership website every month. Not only can you use the eBooks and articles in the ways I have explained, you can key word optimize your website for the search engines, change the content and make your sites as original as you like. In other words you have full edit rights. So if you imagine directing a visitor to your Premier Website via an eBook or article, they will find a fully edited site with offers and affiliate links promotions, and even an Aweber signup box (which you can integrate with a little HTML knowledge) which in turn will create more revenue and more subscribers for you.

My recommendations are if you have a few hours to spare get started with this and you will soon see a Google AdSense income. If you use the Premier Websites, you can place affiliate banners, Clickbank affiliate links and Aweber signup box on your site as well as edit all your own content via an easy edit control panel..

If you are going to move into this business, I recommend you take the Full Premier Websites Access!

Here's a link for you:

Free Monthly Websites

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my review.