Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why you should write marketing articles?

Many are asking themselves - who are the same ones who write articles, why they do
it and whether I can or should write.

In this article I will answer all these questions:

Who are the ones who write articles?

Most authors of articles are people with knowledge in which they write, who choose to advertise themselves by spreading their knowledge. Same way that a singer wants to advertise himself by publishing a single in the radio that everybody could listen to it, so those with the knowledge do the same thing.

What need to know to write an article?

Truth, not much beyond what you already know - anyone who has specific knowledge in particular, want to share with others his knowledge, can write an article. DA, internet marketing articles are not similar at all scientific articles published as part of academic research. Marketing articles written for the most at eye level, talking to the audience and share knowledge in particular.

Who can write an article?

Anyone. If you have a little more knowledge in particular, are ready to share it with the world (or at least with the Internet), you can, you may feel free to write.

On which issue you can write a marketing article?

You can write about anything. Today, the Internet era information age, people are looking for information online about everything - people are looking for business information, information about their hobby, information - how to do something similar. No matter what you write, always someone who wants to read about it. What remains is only to make the connection between looking for information distributor information, but do not worry, there are sites that articles like this one.

Why you should write a marketing article?

It's worth due to several reasons, such as creating external links for SEO, but the two main reasons are - the flow of traffic to the writer site (of people who read the article, liked the article and want to get more than what the writer to give), the writer's personal branding specialist in writing - If you wrote a few articles about the "how to make Thai food", you probably understand it more than others - I mean, I guess you're an expert.

How to write a marketing article?

Overall, the stages of writing are: choosing a topic, organizing the necessary information to the article, writing, rewriting and editing, and publishing the article.

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