Sunday, November 15, 2009

Online Joint Venture Ideas

A joint venture is when two or more businesses join together
to work on a project for a set period of time. Doing online
joint ventures can increase your chances of beating your
competition, increasing your sales and profits, saving time
and money, getting valuable referrals, and increasing your
market share. The following are ten online joint venture ideas:

1. A simple joint venture would be exchanging text links or
banners with other related web sites.

2. Share a web site with another business with the same target
market. You both will be marketing and advertising the same
web site which means double the traffic.

3. Exchange testimonials or endorsements for each others
products or services.

4. Combine your products or services together with another
businesses into one big package. You could split the profits.

5. Do you have and product or service that doesn't sell good?
Offer it as a free bonus for another businesses product or
service. In exchange ask for a small portion of the profits.

6. Offer to insert a promotional ad for another business into
your product package. Just ask them in return to do the
same for your business.

7. Trade e-zine or auto-responder ads with similar businesses.

8. Team up with related businesses to create an promotional
e-book to give away. Publish your web site ads in the e-book
then just give it away for free.

9. Host a virtual trade show or seminar with another business.
Include each other's promotional material on the web site.

10. Create a freeware program with another business. Include a
promotional ad for each of your businesses in the program. Submit
it to freeware and freebie sites.
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