Friday, November 27, 2009

Profitable Ways To Recycle Your Content

# Repackage your web site review in to various
content to sell. You could produce reviews, audio
reports, classes, and videotapes with your content.

# Divide your review up and make use of it for promotional
reviews. You could submit them to other websites
or ezines for publicity. Don't forget to add your resource box.

# Allow customers to link to your web site's content
This is a quick way to make hundreds of people linking
to your website.

# Add to your content and create an ebook guide to sell
You don't like to sell your content free of charge, but if you
add to it you can. It's an additional revenue stream.

# Accumulate it into a giveaway eBook. You could submit
it to free eBook directories. Use it as an additional benefit
when customers subscribe to your ezine.

# Use your freebie content as an advantage in product for
your fee based content or personal site. Just give
them the option of up grading to the paid version.

# Place it on follow-up autoresponders from your
website. This is a terrific way to prompt people to
come back and revisit your website.

# Create a free of charge additional benefit out of your content for your
major service. When you add extra content, take out
the old content and provide a bonus product with it.

# Use the report to create a press release. This
works well if you require additional information for your
press release statement.

# Trade reports with other sites. It will produce
you the ability to get extra content and promote
your web site at the same time.

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