Monday, May 10, 2010

The Secret That "YouTube" Does Not Want You To Know Or How To Make A Video With The Most Views For Free!

Does that ever happen to you? you put the video on "YouYube" and shortly thereafter, you see that it has established multiple exposures?
But then your next video is shown only by two or three visits!
Occasionally it seems that to be the most popular video is just pure chance.
Well, of course, a degree is important, but even with title lighting; video promotion can be easier said than done, while the one with the title "junk" could yield thousands of visitors.

How can you absolutely be sure that your video will be popular among many people as possible?

Create Your Own Video.

First of all, you need to create your own video with an attractive title. Don't forget to put the URL of the site, a description & some tags.

Typically, you left the process here, just hope and pray that the masses pull in.

Not this time.

You should take it one step further to get more hits.

What People Are Looking At "YouTube"

It's no secret. It's quite clear.

Remember, "YouTube" visitors are looking for people to learn from, be entertained, to laugh,, cry, be surprised, - and so on.

People go to watch videos at "YopuTube" and you can take benefit of this by accessing a bit different from other people, it's simple.

Another Video Search.

Look for another video in a niche like yours.
Go over the best results. Make sure the videos are really relevant to your niche and find the one that is the closest to your video you just uploaded.

Write Comment.

People who watch videos frequently leave a comment, but mostly just write a few words. If you are writing a comment you must make some people read it, but it's still less than expected it would draw them to your website.

So, You Are Going To Do Something Unique.

Now you're going to post a video comment.

To do this, you only need to add a comment, and then click on "attach a Video".

Now you can also record video directly from your camera, or you can upload one from your computer or, alternatively, you may choose your videos already uploaded.

Choose the second option, unless you want to do a new video.

You now create the best scenario for your video. It is displayed only under the world's most successful original video,of your niche, many visitors will be curious about your comment; watch your video and visit your site.

Good Luck.

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