Sunday, May 30, 2010

Online Personal Branding Importance in Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0
Now acceptable to call Web 2.0 those sites that allow users to create publish and distribute different types of content. Under this category you can find social networks, blogs, forums, articles and photo sharing sites, video and more.

Web 2.0 makes the Internet media available, accessible and cheaper for you to market - all you need is to pour into it the appropriate content for you.

Branding through social networks
In the social networks you can find people from all over the world who are with interests like yours. Social networks based on the small world theory, the principle is between man and man separate six degrees of relationships, meaning that any person has a friend, who knows someone else, someone who knows the third and so on - so the fact is that there is some connection between the first person and 6th person. Calling the idea of the Internet allows anyone to easily meet new people through existing connections.

By opening an personal interesting card, joining relevant community in your field, writing posts, creating a network of friends, transfer a valuable content, writing comments to people and other activities - you can expose yourself to a huge number of people.

Branding through forums
Regular and continuous participation in professional forums, answers in these areas and provide practical recommendation will brand you personally. Be active, share information, provide answers, share links to relevant information, then you will create a good name for yourself and people will recognize you as a specialist in your field.

Branding with videos
Today anyone can upload video to the net, but if you produce videos that they have value in your practice, share information when you're an expert, focuses on the clips audience share insights and explanations in your field, people will start to follow you, wait for your clips, register your movie channel further distribute the information you provide.

Branding With Blogs
A blog is a way to convey information of any kind to many people, blogging in a certain field is a proven marketing tool, since you base yourself an authority in your industry.

Active participation in these arenas creates volume. Then, if your product or service are really good the surfers will brand you and will link to you a large number of people. It will not happen at first, but the process works well proven.
Ultimately, online branding will bring you to a situation in which products or services you'll offer will be just part of the network as if they were always there.

Marketing through forums, articles, social networks, blogs, videos and more are now being used very wrong especially sparse. People still often advertise their business and themselves.
If you may prosper to find the path to create marketing and branding by Web 2.0 it will take you to more and more high-quality customers who know what they want and understand you can give them what they need.


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  2. great post, it really helped me alot…gives me alot of information… thanks…. nice job…
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