Sunday, April 11, 2010

Selecting the right niche/product to promote

This is one of the biggest reasons why affiliates & Net Marketers are failing.
So… how can you be wrong? Why does it matter what product you require to promote? Well, the answer is simple. There's 2 simple thumb rules, or you can call it ‘tests’, that I do, in order to decide if I say yes or no to a product. Here they go:

1) Is there a market? You probably thinking, this is a odd query but it is not. You must see if there is a market. You must find out if there is volume of targeted audience to make it worth a while for you to check the market.

2) Is this market is a buyer market? Back then I found a great niche – the astrology niche, it's zillions of searches & the cost per click is low. I’ve tried back then lots of products & services, building lists, but the bottom line, these people wanted free astrology information & weren’t planning on paying a dime for it or anything related. You must do a lovely research (I do admit that sometimes you can know & the best way to do is to check it…).

Now it doesn’t matter if you are planning to make your own products or promote other people products – the 2 rules always apply to both.

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