Wednesday, March 10, 2010


7 places where to find ideas.

Always keep a small digital recorder with you or
just take a small notebook and pen.

When you talk to a friend or just standing in a bus stop listen to what people talk about with a marketer’s ear. Are they thinking of moving to a new place? Did they just get a cat or new puppy? Are they trying to solve a problem with their finances or have they medical problems? If they are, chances are good that others are trying to solve the same problem.

Try to listen to talk-radio programs and watch Tv talk-shows. These shows many times have guests that are experts on all sorts of subjects. Listen carefully and you'll get a lot of ideas from the listener's questions.

Go to the bookstore and read the headlines and subheads on the covers of magazines. They do research on the subjects that they are going write about so you can identify the hot topics.

Have a look at the top 100 best selling books. See the topic of the books and get ideas.

Read Newspapers – You can find not just a particular niche you're interested in,
but also new breakthroughs, entertainment news, technological advances, interesting cultural happenings and so on, all of them are niches to be mined there.

Take a look at the top selling electronic products on Amazon, Ebay & other sites.
Each of these products has a huge market and the buyers would probably
be interested in a report or video about "How To" use the product more effectively.

Pay attention to remarkable interests, profession, or hobbies that characters have in movies. Pay attention when they talk to one another. If something has been integrated in a movie or a television show, chances are it is interesting a lot.
Forget about things that interest you.

You are a seller and you are looking for a good niche so search for the market FIRST.

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  1. Having a successful life (including business) is all about creativity. Great article.