Sunday, January 3, 2010

EBooks That Sell Themselves!

Now that you have wrote, or have had written for you an eBook “so good” that it should sell itself don’t be amazed if it doesn’t!

I’m not saying that you won’t be able to sell your eBook but I am inferring that your work is not done yet.

If you truly want to sell your eBook you must create a page that “sells” it.

It’s called a sales page and particular attention needs to be given to it, to make sure any person who gets to it, will feel bound to read it, long enough to discover that your eBook is so immense, that they have to get it.

To make sure your eBooks sales page is compelling you have to start by writing an attractive headline which uses expressions people who are looking for the solution your eBook solves may be using to show you identify with your customers and their problems and at least hints at a solution. Your head line, like all text on your sales page, should be in a simple to read font and one that displays well in all browsers.

From your main head line you will want to turn into a sub headline which is an expansion of the main headline and serves to build hype enough to capture readers concentration and get them exited enough to read the rest of the page and all about all the profit your eBook will give them.

Your opening few paragraphs should be used to build report with your customer let them know that you comprehend their problems. Following the opening paragraphs clarify that your eBook is here to solve it.

Then illustrate them an image of your eBook. Even though eBooks don’t need covers you should still show them a qualified looking illustration of what your eBook would look like. People almost require the image of a book to assist them understand what there “virtually” receiving and examine shows that better the eBook cover image looks the better sales will do.

After displaying an image of the book you should put forward a button or field in which people can begin the process of purchasing if they decide. After the “Buy Now” spot of your sales page you will want a list of specific benefits your book will work out, for the “doubting” but still attracted group.

Once you have laid out all of the benefits’ of your eBook follow up with a strong call to action. Maybe a limited time offer or something that shows the potential customer that procrastination leads to be repentant. Again offer means to start the buying procedure within site of the words or an image that represents an assurance and then give further details about the greatness of the guarantee to ease the doubters mind about the protection and security they can feel in making the decision to buy now.

All of these things should be considered the backbone of your sales page policy if you really want to have your eBook sell itself!

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