Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How To Develop a Responsive Email List

Many marketers are trying to sell you while you first opt into their list. This was quite good over the past few years, but today it is turning away and customers are usually becoming more sophisticated. Your readers don't mind being sold to, they want to have a relationship with you, to know and trust you before they'll decide to buy something from you.

Here are the some strategies you can use to develop a responsive email list.

Be personal.

Your readers want to know more about you as a human. Don't be anxious to share what's going on within your life. I receive the best number of comments to my ezine and blog when I post reviews about events in my life.

Write about your business in first person.

Many marketers, books and training seminars inform you that you need to look like as a large company to persuade others to do business with you. In actuality, most of us want to do business with other people, not some unknown and faceless folks.

Show up yourself.

Customers want to know you and part of it is let your list know you by sharing your images and audio of yourself. Do that by using your headshot inside your blog or ezine header, by posting an audio or video on your web site. Make sure that you publish your current images and they are reflective of how you look today.

Write regularly.

There are many researches of when to e-mail your list, for the most part, the day of the week that you send an e-mail doesn't matter. What's more important is training them to expect your post to arrive every once a week, Friday noon, for example. Tell your customers when you'll be in contact with them, and do it.

Call them often.

Nearly most of the marketers making the big mistake of not broadcasting their list often as much as necessary. Many are concerned that too many posts will lead many members to unsubscribe. You need a thick skin like an elephant in this business because that's our life: You will lose customers with every e-mail you send. Maybe you're not relevant anymore to them or they never really had an interest in what you offer from the first moment. Who knows the motive? You need to get used to it.
For best results, you need to email your list once a weekly. Less than that will take a much longer time to build a good relationship.

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