Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Do You Need To Check Before Joining An Affiliate Program?

There are some issues you need to check before you'll decide to join and promote an affiliate program:

# Does the program offer a free way to join
without forcing you to buy their product or service?

# Look for other affiliates to check if
they have had any difficulties with the program.

# Check if the product or the service is related to your target audience?

# Does the vendor notify you by e-mail about your sales?

# Does they offer more products so you can get more sales
from the same customer?

# Can the vendor help you 24/7 online or offline?

# What is the commission percentage of each sale?

# In what form they pay and how often will you receive your commission payment?

# Does the vendor credit you for sales if the customer will come back after
a while and then buy the product.

# Does the vendor pay you just once for the sale or he pays you as long as the customer stay in his program?

# Do they provide you with proven sales material like - links,
banners, classified ads, sales letters etc.

# Will they permit you create your own promotional ads.

# Do they let you access to an online sales stats page?

# What is the system they track your sales?

# Does the vendor pay commission for sales of customers who sign up under you?

# How many different ordering options they offer to the customers, so in return you won't lose sales.

Check the points I mentioned above very carefully before you start and you'll not waste your time and money by trying to sell a program without any benefit.

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